How to get skunks out from under a shed or porch

Skunks are the animals which make dens in the underground, porches or sheds. If a skunk is living under a shed from April to September season, this means that the skunk will produce babies. If the mother skunk is frightened, it will move its babies from one den to the other den because the mother skunk is always fearful of getting separated from its babies.

What to do if the skunk is found under the shed?
Skunk whether being a mother or not, is always frightened of losing its babies but you have to deal patiently and carefully with it. If you are not professional, do not try to locate the skunk.

  • Always try to remove the skunk if you are professional in it. Skunks live in their den for a short time period. The babies of the skunk are independent by the summer end season. Once they are mature enough, they are able to leave their family and go out.
  • Wait till all the babies of the skunk are out from the den and then close those points so that no more skunks can enter in those holes.
  • The mother skunk tends to live in the shed because it is dark there and it is a safe and sound environment.
  • If you put on some light in the dark area of the den, the skunk may feel uncomfortable and it will lead the skunk to leave its den. In this way the mother skunk will notice and may leave the den as soon as possible.
Another way to get the skunks out of the shed is to place a light near the entrance of the den. The light technique used should be safe and friendly. Skunks are among the nocturnal animals so they do not like bright or sharp lights at all. The musical sound or the sound of the human threatens the skunk. Place the voice near the entrance so that the skunks are aware of it and leave the den. Ammonia is another way of making the skunks get out of the porch or shed. Place the ammonia inside the plastic bag, poke some hole in it and then put it somewhere near the trash can or inside the bin. The ammonia plastic bag can be placed near the entrance of the den, so that the skunk moves from that place.

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